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At Dadken Studios, 

we strive to change your thoughts on technology entirely.



We offer completely personalized

experiences for you,

your staff, or your loved ones.


P.C. Repair


We can repair and work on any device.

  • Formatting/Wiping

  • Software Assistance

  • Parental Controls

  • Hardware Input

  • Spyware/Malware Assistance




Technology is ever-evolving. We can help teach you, your staff, or your loved ones of all ages on how to use new software and devices.

  • Create multi-lingual manuals or convert current

  • Expand remote learning for new/old employees

  • Help you or your loved ones to learn new devices


Web Design


We can build your entire website.

Whether you want a small hobby site for other fans of your favorite characters, or you want a fully functional store. We will fit any budget!

  • Build Any Size Website

  • Secure Suppliers For Dropshipping

  • Rates To Fit Any Budget


Custom Apps and Games


The sky is the limit here!

  • Custom games featuring your child and their friends. Custom safe servers for only them to join, play and enjoy.

  • Custom Apps for your company.

  • -Coming Soon- Record family events in 3D to be enjoyed virtually forever.

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